Using social media to deepen the impact of youth social mobility programmes

As someone who had the benefit of a privileged upbringing and world class education opportunities, I am passionate about empowering others and helping them get access to similar quality opportunities. As part of my previous CSR role, I worked in embedding and deepening the impacts of a social mobility/youth development programme. In order to bolster… Continue reading Using social media to deepen the impact of youth social mobility programmes

Youth development – Interview prep

It's amazing how your brain starts working, storing, growing, retrieving, forging millions of connections a minute, from the moment you're born until you... step into an interview! We all know the terror of attending an interview, but what can we do to make sure we maximise the opportunity? Before the day there is plenty we… Continue reading Youth development – Interview prep

Sustainable sustainability

I have been asked about what makes a good corporate sustainability or CSR programme. I think it is one which is sustainable by the organisation. What do I mean by that? I mean it is one which can withstand the test of time. Ideally, in my opinion, one which will be followed through in the… Continue reading Sustainable sustainability